Football Opponent Analysis

Upcoming Opponent Analysis in Football is a very complex and painstaking task usually done by sport analyst working for a particular professional football club. The goal of the task is to prepare the team for the upcoming opponent by taking advantages of his weaknesses and being aware of the strengths. The challenge involves creating suitable video sequences that can clearly identify and categorise football players and their behaviours over time with regular playing patterns.

We specialize in a qualitative type of upcoming opponent analysis. This type of analysis complements a traditional quantitative analysis provided by services like InStat or Wyscout. Qualitative analysis does consider the statistics available, yet the main focus lies on the interpretation of data. Here all the work is done by match analyst and all relevant information is then presented to players in a clear and easily understandable form.

Tuition fee for one opponent analysis composes 4800 € plus possible travel and accommodation expenses. Any details should be negotiated in advance. Performance in Football™ prepares and sends an invoice to a customer after a prior agreement on the date. Please use our contact form in order to get in touch and discuss the possible collaboration

Some examples can be viewed on the examples page.